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What does Less Taxing Services do?

Tax Preparation

We talk taxes all year long.  Whether a simple personal return or a complex business return, we’re here to ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible.


We make bookkeeping a breeze!  Our use of technology makes it easy to get information to us so you can focus on building your business and doing the work you enjoy.


We automate the payroll process.  Reports, returns, and tax payments are always on time and accurate no matter how busy your life or business gets.


How is our way better?


We are committed to the future so we’re operating completely in the cloud!  Cloud technology allows us to provide paperless document exchanges, efficient workflows, and detailed reports so you’ll always know the status of your financial life.


We’re a small firm.  You’ll always talk to the same person working on your project and that staff member is here all year to assist you.


We believe your accountant should be invested in you.  We’re here whenever you have a question or concern and we encourage our clients to call or stop by whenever something in their life changes so there are no surprises at tax time.

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So, what is the latest technology?

The Industry Standard in Accounting Software

Quickbooks Online brings the accounting profession into the 21st century. The cloud based aspect of the software allows for access anywhere, anytime, and the bank feeds ensure every transaction is accurate, updated, and reconciled.


Store Every Receipt Digitally

Imagine never needing to keep another receipt.  That day is here.  Snap a picture and a digital copy is filed and linked with the entry in Quickbooks. You’ll never need to keep paper, but always have access to your documents.


Always On Tax Planning

Tax Planner Pro links to Quickbooks Online and regularly projects the amount of tax you’ll owe so there are no surprises at tax preparation time.  In addition, the software provides suggestions to lower that projected tax!  Never pay more tax than you have to!


The Best Tax Software

Complicated tax returns are no match for our tax software. We use the most powerful software on the market to ensure your return is prepared correctly and efficiently so you don’t pay anymore tax than you have to.



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What’s it going to cost?

Personal Taxes

Personal taxes can be simple, complex, or anything in between.  We price based on the forms used and are happy to give a quote during our consultation.

Starting at $100.00

Corporate Taxes

Corporate returns are anything in the 1120, 1120S or 1065 family.  Keep in mind these returns may have a different due date than your personal return.

Starting at $250.00


Our bookkeeping packages include all the software and apps you need to run your business.  We’ll customize a package to meet your needs and budget.

Starting at $100/mo.


Payroll pricing is based on the number of employees and whether they are hourly or salary.  We’ll discuss your exact needs and give a price quote from there.

Starting at $75.00/mo.

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